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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  March 26, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, pessimistic views about jobs. driving stock to some of the highest numbers we have seen in years. look at what's behind that plus, the supreme court starts deciding on president obama's health care overhaul. ♪ chanting] >> there for you. there for me. there for every family. >> most of americans don't want it. >> shepard: before the supreme court justices can move forward, they have to decide whether they are even allowed to decide. tonight, high stakes arguments at the high court and signals about which way this could go: president obama caught making some candid comments about missile defense to russia's leader. >> after my election, i have.
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>> you will hear the rest of the recording and the russian's responsibility. >> plus, the jets and their fans welcome tim tebow to green. >> looking forward to my time here in new york. >> he is very inspirational, we think. >> is he very good looking. >> the coach hints tebow might do more than they expect. >> i'm a football player first and then a quarterback. >> shepard: tonight, putting tim tebow in an interesting position. but, first from fox this monday night, the supreme court deciding on health care coverage. and we're already getting some clues about which way the justices may be leaning. this morning, the high court began hearing three days of arguments about president obama's health care overhaul. as they began, protesters from both sides shouted their opinions near the supreme court steps. >> most americans do not want this unconstitutional law. >> we want the constitution.
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>> we want the constitution. >> protect our care. protect our law. protect our care. >> protect our law. >> the part arguments requires most americans to get health insurance or pay a penalty. the question is whether is constitutional for congress to force people to buy something and the justices are set to tackle that topic tomorrow. their eventual decision on that matter could effect tens of millions of americans who have no health insurance. but today they were focusing on whether they could even rule on objections to the law. that's because of a 19th century tax law that says you cannot challenge a tax until you have already paid that tax. since folks who don't get health insurance wouldn't pay any penalty until 2015, there is quite a bit of uncertainty whether the justices can even address this yet. if you were paying close attention today, there were indeed some signs that the justices are not too concerned about that issue. shannon bream on fox top story.
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she is live at the supreme court again for us tonight. shannon, it sounded as if the justices were signaling anyway that they will move forward despite that old tax law. >> yeah, shep. because they would have to decide that the penalty attached to the mandate is a tax. they didn't sound convinced. listen to justice stephan breyer in his questioning today. >> congress has nowhere used the word tax. what it says is penalty. moreover, this is not in the internal revenue code but for purposes of collection. and so, why is this a tax? >> the attorney appointed by the court to answer that question wasn't in a way to do it which seemed to satisfy the justices. which seems to us they are ready to move to the merits of the case. >> shepard: that leads us to the core of what will be tackled tomorrow. tell us what they are delving into. >> tomorrow is all about the individual mandate. the biggest fire cracker in the middle of this law. the biggest part of the
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debate. whether or not the government can compel folks starting in o2014 to buy insurance have health insurance coverage or pay a penalty. those are your choices. that congress way too far oversteps every bit of constitutional authority that it has. they have to make a strong argument tomorrow. because the government for the most part has been the winner on that point. all the lower courts leading up to this point. they sound confident the administration was out in full force today. attorney general eric holder, kathleen sebelius in the courtroom today looking confident they will win on that big point tomorrow, shep. >> shepard: shannon bream outside the court tonight. shannon, thanks very much. critics of the health care overhaul say it's going to cost more money and require more regulations. supporters say it could actually save money and some lives as well. coming up, we will get reaction on both sides of today's developments. you will hear from the presidential candidate rick santorum who spoke right outside the supreme court today. health care stocks helping the stock market climb in a big way today. they were up more than 1.5% as
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a group. the deal driving force on the wall street today was the federal reserve chairman ben bernanke. get. this the markets rose because he said basically things are not all that great. here is what happened. before the markets opened chairman ben bernanke told economists he thinks the u.s. jobs market is still weak. here is part of how he put it. >> conditions remain far from normal as shown, for example, by the high level of long-term unemployment and the fact that jobs and hours worked remain well below precrisis peaks even without adjusting for growth and labor force. >> shepard: net that trigger to wave wall street pessimism. a lot of folks took that to mean feds will keep interest rates low. they liked that a lot. the dow gained 160 points today alone. nasdaq up 55. the big story was the s&p 500 bouncing back after worst week of the year to hit a four year high. an open microphone catching
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president obama telling the russian president dmitry medvedev that the u.s. and russia will have to wait until after the november election to deal with the heated issue of missile defense. because, as president obama put it, he will have more flexibility after he wins re-election >> shepard: i will pass that on to vladimir. the statement wasn't meant to be public. republic lawmakers have jumped on it saying they will attempt to block any attempt to weaken u.s. missiles attempts. it's political reality. very difficult to get anything done during an election year. as you may know, president obama is in south korea for talks on nuclear security right across the border from north korea. wendell goler is following the president live in seoul for us. wendell, what else is the
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saying about the president's candid moment, if you will? >> >> well, shep, it's not just the u.s. presidential campaign but russia's transition back to vladimir putin at the helm that makes it unlikely the two countries will resolve their differences over a european missile defense this year. of course, the white house would rather not be making any explanations at all. and probably means we will be kept a little farther from the leaders at the next opportunity. republicans say they will oppose any attempt to weaken the missile defense. many of them already objected to mr. obama's decision to scale back george w. bush's missile defense to something already developed and deployable, shepard. >> shepard: wendell, there is another missile issue, stealing attention at the summit today. >> north korea's planned satellite launch next month, which is fooling no one. seen as a missile test and banned by united nations security council resolution. president obama levels a warning at the north that it a speech at a university here in seoul.
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>> there will be no rewards for provocations. those days are over. leaders of pyongyang i say this is the choice before you this is the decision that you must make. >> the president said if the north goes forward with the launch it will forfeit hundreds of thousands of dollars in food aid or hundreds of thousands of pounds of food aid that the u.s. was prepared to provide, shepard. >> shepard: wendell goler live in tuesday morning in seoul. well, right now the pope is leading a mass in cuba during his very first trip to that island nation. a live look now from san santiago. thousands came out for the service. pope criticized government before his arrival here. cuba's leaders still rolled out the red carpet. ♪ that's the cuban president
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raoul castro shaking the pope's hand. enormous. second only to the iron fist rulers. steve is live in havana. what's the message for cuba. >> the big question, what everybody is watching for, how far is this pope going to go in criticizing the castro regime. before the trip gab, he said the marxist model used by cuba is outdated. it doesn't correspond to reality that cuba needs a new model. since touching down on the ground in cuba, the pope's language has become more veiled. >> i carry in my heart the just aspirations and legitimate desires of all cubans. >> and as expected, the pope's criticism of the cuban model has not been reported here on cuban controlled state media, shepard. >> shepard: steve, what are the cuban people expecting from this visit? >> we have seen tremendous numbers, tremendous enthusiasm, but, of course, the expectations are not what they were 14 years ago when
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john paul ii made the first papal visit here. back then people thought perhaps he could take on communism head on on the island. what we're looking at now are more practical reforms. opening up religious schools. perhaps getting religious leaders or mass on tv. as you can see the numbers, the enthusiasm still large. the mass in havana here on wednesday could draw up to half a million parishioners. steve back to you. >> shepard: steve harrigan live in cuba. the u.s. soldier accused of massacring afghan civilians. what his wife says about her husband. why she says he did not do it. and why she says she hasn't even asked him yet. plus, some folks call it lean, finally textured beef. the rest of us know it as pink slime. now we're hearing it could soon make enormous changes. we will find out what the manufacturer of pink slime has just decided to do. it's a monday night fox report
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>> shepard: he did not do this. that from the wife of the u.s. soldier accused of gunning down 17 afghan civilians. she broke her silence this morning. and she claims she does not believe her husband was involved in the massacre in any way military staff priewrtsz have charged robert bales with the premeditated adults and five children. he may have actually made two trips into that village on march the 11th, the night of the murders and the killings have seriously strained u.s. afghan relations. but in an interview today on nbc's today show. bales' wife says she does not believe her husband could have done it because she says he loves children too much. >> i don't think will really change my mind in believing that he did not do this. this is not what it appears to
4:15 pm
be. >> shepard: she said the 38-year-old veteran showed any signs of post-traumatic stress at all. when she recently spoke to him by phone she said bales seemed confused. jennifer griffin with the news live at the pentagon tonight. what else did she have to say this morning? >> kerry bales told nbc she has not asked her husband point blank whether he did what he is accused of because she was concerned that his phone was tapped. she says she still does not believe he did it she said he didn't have nightmares and had noe fruble cons sen traited and never exhibited signs of erratic behavior, shep. she never knew he had a brain injury. >> he loves children. is he like a big kid himself. >> i have no idea what happened but he he would not he loves children and he would not do that. it's heart breaking u.s. officials believes returned once to the base in between going to a second village and
4:16 pm
allegedly carrying out the second part of this shooting spree. they know that because afghan soldiers saw him and because of overhead surveillance video. >> shepard: man in charge over there talked about the blood money apparently we have paid to the victim's family members. >> that's right. general john allen, the top commander in afghanistan said blood money had been paid. did he not confirm, however, reports that $50,000 per victim had been paid to the families here is general john allen at the pentagon today. >> it's a natural and cultural norm that we would pursue. we have done that in the past in this case it was appropriate we believe given the circumstances of this particular tragedy. >> one man had 11 family members killed. if the $50,000 figure is correct. that man would have been given half a million dollars. a princely sum in afghanistan. raising concerns that that money could fall into the
4:17 pm
hands of the insurgency. shepard? >> shepard: one american and two british troops are dead tonight after uniformed afghan security forces opened fire in two parts of afghanistan. the first attack we're told is at a coalition base in southern afghanistan. we're told an afghan soldier fired through an open gate and killed two british soldiers. then later there was another attack. a member of an afghan defense force in the eastern part of the country killed an american soldier. so-called insider attacks have been on the rise this year. in fact, at least 15 of our coalition troops so far have reportedly died in similar incidents. the defense secretary leon panetta says those attacks do not represent a trend. well, former vice president dick cheney reportedly recovering well tonight from a full heart transplant this past weekend. and now we know the long-term prognosis for the 71-year-old former v.p. that's coming up.
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>> shepard: an aide says the former vice president dick cheney is now awake, talking, and doing well after getting a new heart. he has been recovering in a hospital in virginia following transplant surgery over the weekend. that aide says the former v.p. was even able to get out of bed and stand yesterday. of course, dick cheney has a long history of heart problems. some folks have questioned whether he got any special treatment, but he reportedly has been on a transplant waiting list for some 20 months. that's longer according to statistics than most patients who wait a year or less. is he also older than the traditional cut off age of 656789 doctors say recent advances gave the 71-year-old a good shot at survival. >> considering how risky this procedure is and all that's involved, stopping a heart, removing a heart. putting in another heart and
4:22 pm
starting it again. it's amazing that patients over 65 do as well as they do. >> but the risks have dropped considerably over the years. according to federal data, 88% of all heart recipients now survive at least a year after the transplant. three quarters live at least five years. and a little more than half are still alive a decade later. so doctors say it's reasonable that even at 71 former vice president cheney would undergo such an operation. >> his heart was badly damaged because of all the heart attacks that he had had. >> shepard: five of them to be exact. the first was in 1978. he had two heart operations before this one, including a 2010 surgery to install a battery powered pump it helped keep cheney's blood flowing. he said the gear it required made it outcome ward to get around. >> the equipment that i wear was originally put together as a transitional device to keep somebody going until they could get a transplant. >> shepard: he got one this weekend after spending almost
4:23 pm
two years on the waiting list. >> he needed a heart transplant because, without that device, he wouldn't have been able to live. >> shepard: in fact, doctors say the former vice president could spend a few weeks recovering in a hospital. and after that he may face months of tests and rehab. mike emanuel has the rest of the story. he is live in our d.c. newsroom. what are doctors expecting in terms of cheney's quality of life after, this mike? >> shep, i spoke with vice president cheney's long time cardiologist dr. jonathan reiner late today who says he could not believe what he saw when he visited the hospital today. mr. cheney was out of bed and sitting up in a chair less than 48 hours after a heart transplant. doctor reiner says it is absolutely possible mr. cheney, who is 71, will live another 10 years and that was the and the cardiologist says once he recovers, the former vice president will likely find he can do whatever he wants, shep? >> shepard: mike, very interesting. any word on who donated this heart? do you get to know that sort of thing? >> i asked the cheney family
4:24 pm
spokesperson late today. she says they do not note donor's identity. the cheneys say they will be forever grateful for this life saving gift. as for special treatment dr. reiner says no chance. noting the former v.p. waited almost 21 months. his doc says the process so well defined it's impossible to get special treatment. dr. reiner felt mr. cheney felt it was important to wait his turn. shep? >> shepard: mike emanuel live on capitol hill. the nation's highest court taking on the president's signature piece of achievement. now new poll numbers reveal how americans really feel about the health care overall two years after it became law. plus, rick santorum called his rival and i quote: the worst republic in the country to put up against the current president. so how would he like to join team romney, vice president santorum? the answer might surprise you. and it's one month to the day since a neighborhood watch volunteer shot an unarmed teenager dead in central florida. now the admitted shooters'
4:25 pm
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treated with ammonia. it's been around for years. but it's recently become a target of health activists. some grocery stores have pulled products made with pink slime and the agriculture department is allowing some school districts to stop using it as well. a school district outside pittsburgh is now preparing for a legal battle over a monument of the 10 commandments. the district superintendent says the plaque has been at the entrance of the high school. the wisconsin base freedom from religion foundation argues it violates the separation of church and state and wants the district to remove it the superintendent says the plaque is not going anywhere. you may recall back in 2003 a similar case made national headlines in that instance a federal court ordered alabama's chief justice roy moore to remove a 10 commandments statute from a judicial building. i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report." it's bottom of the hour, time
4:30 pm
for the top of the news. the u.s. supreme court to hear arguments tomorrow on the most controversial part of the nation's health care overhaul. t has to do with whether the government can penalize people who refuse to buy health insurance. critics say it's unconstitutional for the government to force anybody to buy anything. but supporters argue just about everybody needs medical care at some point those who refuse to buy insurance place a burden on the rest of us. americans seem quite divided. there is a new poll that shows 47% of the americans disapprove of the health care overhaul. 36% approve. ed henry son the top story at the bottom of the hour and live at the white house. republicans -- republic opponents of this health care law finally got their day in court. >> republicans were talking a big game when they took over the house of representatives in 2010 about how they were going to repeal the affordable care act. thats hat northbound out as
4:31 pm
planned. the court is about the best option for republic hopsz that maybe they could strike down the president's biggest domestic achievement in the middle of a presidential re-election battle. so congressman steve king today said he thinks this is the beginning of the end of the president's law. take a listen. >> rip obama care out by the roots. leave no message of it left behind as if it had never been enacted it has become a malignant tumor. >> strg because republic presidential candidate rick santorum showed up outside the supreme court today beating up on mitt romney. a sign even if the president's law is struck down in the months ahead, this is a complicated issue for republicans. especially if mitt romney ends up being the nominee, shep. >> shepard: as we reported earlier here, ed, the president is out of the country it sounds as if a lot of his allies are making the case and loudly for him. >> the white house was not going to go silent. democratic allies. groups affiliated certainly with the president who are outside the supreme court
4:32 pm
fighting the good fight for their side. they have obviously also pulled together a lot of nurses and doctors basically saying look, this is not a perfect law but that doesn't mean it should be scrapped. take a listen. >> but not many things in life are perfect. we can revise this as it goes along and make it so that it's more palatable to the masses. however, let's understanding that the basic issuess about providing quality health care to as many americans as possible. >> and this is far from over. we have got two more days of oral arguments in the supreme court. a decision not likely until at least june, which means that whether this is struck down or not, that decision will come right in the middle of this presidential campaign, shep. >> shepard: ed henry at the white house. ed mentioned the republic presidential candidate rick santorum. today he held a bit of a health care rally of his own. it happened right outside the supreme court. rick santorum claimed his main rival mitt romney is far from the right candidate to challenge the president's health care law and here is why.
4:33 pm
>> there is one candidate who is uniquely disqualified to make the case. the reason i'm here and he is not. the reason that i talk about obama care and its impact on the economy and fundamental freedoms and mitt romney doesn't. it's because he can't because he supported government run health care as governor of massachusetts. >> shepard: which he did. of course, mitt romney has said many times if elected he will repeal the president's health care law if he can today he called the law an attack on economic freedom. carl cammeron is live in washington carl does the health care debate give rick santorum a chance to beat mitt romney. >> gives him a chance to beat him up. even obama aids call romney the godfather of obama care. santorum crushed romney 47 to 27% of the vote. as a consequence santorum only got 10 delegates. romney got 5.
4:34 pm
when you think of it all. romney has a two to one lead. takes 1144 delegates to win. romney has twice as many as santorum. it's going to be very tough for him to beat him even he can make hay with the health care issue. >> shepard: newt gingrich desperately trying to remain relevant. >> he is running as a romney spoiler. that may be relevant. his campaign is in debt to. save money you can expect him to start down sizing what organization he has left in the next few weeks. romney is now the presumptive fom neigh. both gingrich and santorum were asked about being romney's running mate today. joked about being on their ticket. this time neither one of them ruled out being on romney's ticket. that speaks volumes, shep. >> shepard: being on romney's ticket. that's fascinating. carl cammeron live in washington. rick santorum also defending his cursing -- not cursing really but having potty mouth. i don't know. to a "new york times" reporter over the weekend. according to the a.p., santorum yesterday told a
4:35 pm
crowd in wisconsin that romney is, quote: the worst republic in the country to put up against barack obama, end quote. listen to the exchange that happened between a reporter from the "new york times" and rick santorum, here. mitt romney is the worst republic in the country is, that true? >> what speech did you listen to? >> right here. just right here you said. >> stop lying! i said he was the worst republic to run on the issue of obama care. that's what i was talking about. quit distorting our words. if i see it, it's bull [bleep]. come on, man. what are you doing? >> bull, what? >> this morning, rick santorum told "fox & friends" he was just being a, quote, real republic. >> if you haven't cursed out a "new york times" reporter during the course of a campaign, you are not really a real republic. same old question, the same old spin. i just said okay. i've had a enough of this, you know what.
4:36 pm
>> shepard: fascinating campaign season, hasn't it been? rick santorum is now using the dust up as a fundraiser as you might imagine. under the email to supporters under the header i'm redding to take on the "new york times." rick santorum asked for a 30-dollar donation. new demands for an arrest. exactly one month after a man gunned down an unarmed teenager in central florida. the parents of 17-year-old trayvon martin today joined civil rights leaders for a protest march through sanford, florida, and people are out by the thousands. of course that's where the self-appointed neighborhood watch captain shot and killed the teenager. police have not arrested the shooter. south of there in miami where martin lived, students again walked out of class in protest. at one middle school, they formed a peace sign on the field. meantime there is word that trayvon martin was suspended from school last month after officials found trace amounts of marijuana in a bag in his book bag.
4:37 pm
hello, blame the victim. trayvon martin's mother accuses police of leaking that information to smear her dead son. >> the only comment that i have right now is that they have killed my son and now they are trying to kill his reputation. >> shepard: well, friends of the admitted shooter zimmerman is in hiding after getting death threats. one friend told fox news channel today the rush to judge zimmerman has been unfair. >> what we're seeing with the reaction has come from, first of all, a mischaracterization from the very beginning of george zimmerman as being white. mischaracterization as george zimmerman as being racist. that has what has brought us to this point. >> shepard: never been characterized here as being white, not once. he has been characterized as one who shot and killed an unarmed teenager. police say several witnesses back up zimmerman's side of the story. he said they told him the
4:38 pm
teenager attacked him knocking him to the ground one punch. straddling him on the sidewalk and slamming his head to the concrete. that is somewhat zimmerman says he pulled the trigger. phil keating has the news in the town of sanford tonight. city rights leaders tells the city the whole world is watching. >> the reverend jesse jackson and al sharpton on hand telling this overflow crowd watching via jumbotron behind me we have been down this road before and sanford, florida risks being the birmingham and alabama of the 21st century. >> arrest zimmerman now. arrest zimmerman now. arrest zimmerman now. >> on the way to tonight's city commission meeting about 5,000 people marched through the streets of sanford. others followed reverend jesse jackson who was a march for justifiable for trayvon martin. one month after he died from a single bullet to the chest. i'm sure going to make changes
4:39 pm
so that this does not happen to another family. >> we are not asking for an eye for an eye. we are asking for justice, justice, justifiable. is a very passionate march and evening rally here parked behind me now dispersing. as far as the suspension details of trayvon martin being released at the perish is completely irrelevant the night he was shot and killed. the department of juvenile justice saying he absolutely had zero record, shep. >> shepard: the folks there, many of them demanding an arrest in this case. special prosecutor who has been appointed saying there may never be an arrest. why is that? >> if there is it would not be days from now but weeks. here is why the special prosecutor from jacksonville says. this specifically it's the wording of the florida statute. the stand your ground law that's now being barbedly criticized around the country. it actually requires before somebody who uses force deadly or non-deadly in the case where they say their life was
4:40 pm
being threatened, the prosecutor must have evidence yard that is not contradictory to that alibi that the life was in danger in this case zimmerman said he was being attacked from behind and pumped memeddology the ground and one neighbor saying that's what he saw out his window. >> phil keating in the town of jacksonville tonight. >> shepard: new york jets backup quarterback with his onus conference because he happens to be tim tebow, one of the most popular players in all of sports and maybe the most quarterback even though he is two guy. publicity stunt or something real? tim tebow himself weighs. in in case you didn't know it, he is excited like, i don't know, 47 times over. ♪
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>> i want to it thank my teammates and fans. i'm looking to my time here in new york. i'm humbled to be a jet. >> shepard: he is a jet newest member of that new jersey team. tim tebow from what may have been a biggest news conference ever for a second string anything. tim tebow signed last week with gangrene. many critics have accused the jets of picking publicity over quarterbackability. yesterday the head coach there rex ryan said tim tebow could play anywhere from 1 to 20 snaps per game and not necessarily just as a backup for the starter there mark sanchez. there is no doubt tim tebow is giving the jets a boost in the public relations department. store owners struggling to keep his number 15 jersey on the shelves. the jets held the news conference in the new fieldhouse because officials said all the reporters could not fit in the pressroom. of course the owners and the coaches were not even there.
4:45 pm
jonathan hunt was though. he as s. at that very fieldhouse in somewhere new jersey. the jets may have a quarterback controversy but tim tebow was having none of that today if he was as efficient in passing as dodging questions, shep there is no doubt he would be preparation to be the starting quarterback for the jets. that was one of the controversies that he side stepped today. listen to this. first and foremost. quarterback. that's what i believe i am as a quarterback. but, you know, however can i help the team, however can i make a difference, however they can use me, i will be open to it and work as hard as i can. >> now tim tebow also said he has talked and texted with mark sanchez and they will, quote, have fun together. we will see how that goes once the jets start losing, if they start losing. of course, under mark sanchez. >> shepard: tebow said any way
4:46 pm
they can use him is fine with him. are they using him? because there is this talk all over the radio here is he a way to sell tickets. all they gave up was a couple of draft choices after all. >> i mentioned to him, shep. that some giant fans like you were suggesting this is all a gimmick. listen to this. >> tim, a lot of giants fans have been having some fun with this, saying it's another example of the jets being very good at winning the off season publicity bowl. not so good at super bowls. i wonder if you have a message for those less than kind giants fans. >> not really. i think, you know, i will leave all that talk to other people. i'm not qualified to get in that argument. i'm just excited to be here and, you have to congratulate the giants, you know, on winning a super bowl and having a great team and i wish them nothing but the best as well. >> if anyone is looking for a drinking game tonight. watch the entire news conference and take a shot any
4:47 pm
time tebow says excited or exciting. although at had 45 times in 32 minutes, you might want to make it grape juice. it's safe to say that tim tebow is excited. shep? >> shepard: we all are jonathan, wouldn't you be if you had a new fieldhouse, no owners in the place and no coaches? because that's how it was today. >> absolutely. the. >> shepard: the nfl may allow -- this is new. you have heard about this in the nfl may actually allow the new york saints head coach to coach during appeal of season long suspension. as you will recall the league suspended sean peyton one year without pay for his role in the team's bounty program. paying players to hurt opponents, take them out of the game. today commissioner roger goodell would probably allow sean peyton to keep coaching and he plans to speed up the appeals process. potential break through in the type two diabetes. what researchers have learned about a possible cure through
4:48 pm
surgery. plus, the oscar winning director of titanic has gone as low as you can go. should you care? we'll report, you decide. sh us how much you spent last year and we'll give you 2 miles for every dollar spent on your travel reward card. up to 100,000 miles! hawaii, here we come. claim your miles at today! wh's in your wallet? cayou play games on that? not on the runway. no.
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>> shepard: so the guy behind the blockbuster titanic and "avatar" has traveled to the deepest part on planet earth. james cammeron took the plunge in the trench of the atlantic ocean. compared the bottom of the trench to an alien world. >> i felt like i really had gone to another planet and come back. >> shepard: he made a tiny submarine that took him down nearly seven miles to reach the ocean floor where he found basically nothing. the pressure is so intense we're told it's like three suvs resting on one of your toes. everyone has experienced that
4:52 pm
right? the famous director came back in one piece, thankfully. this video from national geographic partly owned by our parent company. james cammeron has had dozens of deep sea trips including more than 30 just to review the wreckage of the titanic. certainly we need more on this and trace gallagher has it didn't find anything down there, right? >> no. he didn't, shep. it took him two and a half hours to get down to the bottom. he was supposed to stay down there for about six hours. but the substarted leaking some high day lick -- hydraulic fluid. he was anxious before he got into the thing. once he got in the subthe adrenaline kicked in and the fear went away. he didn't see any sea life bigger than half an inch. what he did see was very different. listen. >> many of the animals that live there are adapted to this extreme pressure, this total darkness, usually white, they have no pigment.
4:53 pm
some of them have eyes to see bioloom necessary sent. some of them have no eyes at all. it's completely alien world. plan to do at least three or four more of these dives, shep. >> shepard: how does the submarine work? >> well, i mean, look, this thing they call it a -- if you will, a vertical tornado because it goes down so fast. two and a half stories high. and this thing is decked out with all kinds of high definition cameras and lights because they are after all trying to create a movie in this tv documentary. the sub has a robotic claw and slurp gun that sucks in the sea life and some biological samples. all of that pressure actually squeezes the size of the sub. listen. >> he the sphere i'm in shrinks. the window pushes in towards
4:54 pm
me after 16,000 pounds of square inch per pressure. >> he had to be in a little 43-inch compartment. he said to do that he trained with a lot of yoga and a lot of running. shep? >> trace gallagher in los angeles tonight. trace, thank you new research shows research surgery can cure type two diabetes. type two diabetes is a disease that doctors usually link to obesity. people who have it don't produce enough insulin to break down sugar there are other causes but that's a main one to. treat this disease they typically take pills and insulin and exercise. for the first time researchers compared patients on medicine with those who had stomach shrinking surgeries like gastric bypass. scientists said the surgery helped more patients and can keep their blood sugar levels in check. in some cases patients went off the medicines completely and stayed diabetes free for at least two years. how is your bracket looking?
4:55 pm
more major upsets as we are at the final four. down to 1, 2, 3, and 4 seeds. not so sure about this major upset business but it said here. competition is heating up and kicking into high gear. details next. ok, guys-- what's next ? chocolate lemonade ? susie's lemonade... the movie. or... we make it pink ! with these 4g lte tablets, you can do business at lightning-fast spes. we'll take all the strawberries, dave. you got it, kid.
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>> shepard: final four time in the ncaa tournament and march madness continues two enormous rivals kentucky and louisville, seriously? on the other side of the bracket a meeting of the two seeds, ohio state vs. kansas. no cinderella stories. not this year. before we go, our team's top five things of the day number five. the hunger games, whatever that is had its third biggest opening ever raking in more than $150 million. people stood in line for days i had no idea what it's about. some scientists say popcorn contains more antioxidants than fruit or vegetables. support is downer lie seven in 10 americans say we should
4:59 pm
leave. number two open mike caught the president telling the russian leader he will have more flexibility to deal with missile defense after the election. number one, shot supreme court hears first argument on the controversial health care overhaul and that's "the fox report's" top five. and on this day in 1979, the basketball legend magic johnson and larry bird first squared off on the court. at the time magic played point guard for michigan state. larry bird was a forward for the indiana state sick morse. bird one of the top scorers in all the nation. spartans game plan was simple keep the ball away from him. it worked. michigan state won it all. epic rivalry would continue once magic went to the lakers and birds to the celtics. to this day they are still close friends but march madness reached new levels 33 years ago today. and now you know the news for this monday, march the 26th